Ninjatrader 8 or Metatrader 4? What is the best plataform?

Ninjatrader or Metatrader

What is the best trading platform? Ninjatrader 8 or Metatrader 4?
Many users ask us this question, we will clarify in this post what each platform proposes.

Ninjatrader 8 – Why use it?

As a platform to view charts, without a doubt Ninjatrader 8 is the best platform on the market for Forex, Futures Markets, Cryptocurrencies …

The free version of Ninjatrader perfectly suits all Traders who want an excellent platform that is 100% customizable and programmable, yes, you can program your indicators and insert them in your chart 100% free.

Ninjatrader will only charge you if you want to trade on the platform.

So an excellent solution for those who don’t want to spend is: Use Ninjatrader 8 to do your technical analysis and use Metatrader 4 or 5 that practically all brokers around the world offer for free to make real trades.

Metatrader 4 – Why use it?

There are still several traders around the world using Metatrader 4 to analyze charts, it is because they have not yet tried Ninjatrader 8 in its entirety, it is much inferior to use Metatrader 4 for this purpose.

Now, to place orders or even use for automated trading, Metatrader stands out in this regard. It is an excellent platform for your negotiations.

So, our suggestion: Perform your analysis on Ninjatrader 8 and make your trades on Metatrader 4 or 5.

We hope that this article was useful to clarify, in summary, there is no worse or better, each has its purpose.

All the best,
I4t team

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