About us

Indicators4Traders Team

Here at Indicators4Traders has been professionally trading for the past 1 years, we knew the NinjaTrader™ Platform was a game changer from the first trade we executed on it.

Because after 5 years of running every kind of Futures, Stocks, Forex and Commodities trade imaginable, we discovered we were working way too hard to track, plot and execute our trades.

We still loved NinjaTrader™, but we were desperate to find a more seamless way to put all the trading theories and methods we were using directly into the software. Fortunately, we’re a group of natural born tinkerers who love a challenge.

So in 2019, we started coding NinjaTrader™ indicators from scratch.

We really intended for these indicators to be just for us, and a small community of professional traders we networked with. But word got out how well they worked, even for newbies. And soon people in the NinjaTrader™ community started asking how much we’d sell them for.

We knew others online were selling questionable indicators for upwards of $500– which seemed like highway robbery to us.

So we decided to share our experience and provide the best indicators for Ninjatrader and Metatrader. Our indicators are produced to optimize the performance of your software and ensure that you reach your goals as a successful trader.


Indicators4Traders Team