Top 3 Indicators for Ninjatrader 8

Indicators for Ninjatrader

The 3 best indicators for Ninjatrader 8:

Ninjatrader 8 is currently the best trading platform on the market, in its free version you can already enjoy the numerous benefits that the platform offers.

We at Indicators4Traders have created some indicators that regardless of your operational strategy will be useful to maximize your trading, be it a manual or automated strategy.

See below our indicators that can help you on your journey as a successful trader:

1- Talking Alert for Labeled Lines Indicator for Ninjatrader 8

This indicator is excellent for any trader who makes manual transactions, because when plotting a horizontal or diagonal line on the chart, as soon as prices pass through that line an artificial intelligence system reads aloud the text you have written on the line.

In a native way, the lines that Ninjatrader 8 brings back do not allow you to write text on that line to know what it is about, your graph is very disorganized without this functionality.

In addition, the process for setting an alarm on Ninjatrader 8 is extremely bureaucratic, with our indicator this is absurdly simplified.

For example, with 2 clicks, you plot the line and one more click activates the alarm with a single checkbox, in addition, the text you wrote on the line will be read aloud in your native Windows language.

The indicator for Ninjatrader 8 Talking Alert for Labeled Lines is 100% compatible with our next indicator, Telegram ShareService.

2- Telegram ShareService for Ninjatrader 8

We cannot label this ShareService as an indicator, but it works as such. If you use Telegram to communicate with other traders, or even to save your backup analysis, this indicator was made for you.

Or another situation, if you operate with robots using automated strategies, this Shareservice indicator is perfect for you, since you can configure it for each time Ninjatrader 8 issues a buy or sell order you receive on your mobile phone in the Telegram application a notification that you have performed an operation.

This Ninjatrader 8 indicator is 100% compatible with our Alerts indicator, that is, with a single checkbox mark you choose whether or not you want the alarm to be sent to Telegram.

We provide full support to help you configure these indicators for Ninjatrader 8.

3- Wicks Matching Bars Colors – Free Indicator for Ninjatrader 8

This indicator is for Traders who want the best experience on the chart, if you compare your chart before and after using the indicator, you will never want to use the native Ninjatrader 8 CandleSticks, it is much more beautiful and pleasing to the eye to use this indicator , take the test and check it out, it’s free!

Thank you for reading this far and come and be part of our family! Indicators4Traders. The best indicators for Ninjatrader 8 you find here.

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