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Bitcoin Kill Zones for NinjaTrader 8


Kill Zones are often liquidity events that cause a lot of activity in the market. This activity often happens near significant technical levels and often persists until the next Kill Zone is approached/entered.

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Squeeze Momentum PRO for Ninjatrader 8


Looking to make some quick and easy profits? Then you need to check out this amazing indicator! It can tell you when the market is about to make a big move, so you can get in on the action and make some serious money!

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Best Talking Alert with AI Voice for NinjaTrader 8


Tired of your alerts being boring and silent? Make them come alive with AI voice!

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Telegram ShareService for NinjaTrader 8


Are you trading without Telegram? You’re missing out! Telegram ShareService is the easiest way to get alerts from Ninjatrader on your phone or desktop. Stay one step ahead of the competition with this essential tool.

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#1 Discord Share Service for NinjaTrader 8


Never miss another trade with Discord Share for NinjaTrader 8!

Discord ShareService is the easiest way for you to receive alerts from Ninjatrader on your Discord on Mobile or Desktop.

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Divergence Hidden$ [ninZa.co]


Following the tremendous success of Divergence Engine$ (which identifies regular divergences) and with an increasing demand for a great hidden divergence detector, we developed Divergence Hidden$ – our AMAZING NinjaTrader divergence indicator that catches HIDDEN divergences, which signal possible trend continuations.


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Divergence Engine$ [ninZa.co]


We are excited to introduce Divergence Engine$ – our AMAZING NinjaTrader divergence indicator that catches REGULAR divergences, which signal possible trend reversals.

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FREE Wicks Matching Bar Colors for NinjaTrader 8

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $0.

Make the look of your candlestick chart more consistent with Wicks Matching Bar Colors from Indicators4Traders.

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