Everything you wanted to know about Ninjatrader 8 and had no one to ask!

Ninjatrader 8 is Free - Ninjatrader 8 Benefits

Everything you wanted about Ninjatrader 8 and had no one to ask …

Is Ninjatrader 8 Free?

The Ninjatrader 8 platform is available in 2 options:

  1. Free Version – 100% Functional to use for your Technical Analysis, it never expires.
  2. Paid Version – It has all the features of the Free Version and you can trade through the Ninjatrader 8 platform in some specific corrections that are affiliated with the Ninjatrader platform.

7 Benefits for using the Ninjatrader 8 platform!

  1. The free version never expires, you can follow the Forex and Cryptocurrency market in real time and make your analysis with more than 100 indicators already available on the platform;
  2. The Ninjatrader 8 platform can perform using the maximum performance of your computer, because for each graphic that is open, the program allocates 1 core of your processor for that graphic, and is able to use all the cores of your computer at the same time optimizing performance.
  3. The Ninjatrader 8 platform has a study feature to test your skills as a trader, called Market Replay or Playback. You can simulate in real time or at an accelerated speed any financial asset that you have downloaded from the Ninjatrader 8 server to which you are connected.
  4. You can automate your strategies in the free version of Ninjatrader 8 and do all the statistical analysis and measure the performance of your strategy in Strategy Analyzer.
  5. In addition, Ninjatrader 8 offers Strategy Builder, where even without knowing how to program you can build a strategy, obviously it will be a little more limited than if you know programming. But it can be very useful, as Ninjatrader automatically plots all the markings on the chart where it would be possible to enter and exit your automated strategy!
  6. Ninjatrader 8 has a communication system with other platforms such as: E-mail, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your alarms, analyzes can be shared manually or automatically on these other sites.
  7. Ninjatrader 8 has a Market Analyzer, where you can enter your indicators, make UNLIMITED indicator combinations to analyze as many assets as you want. We will make a post, just about this tool that is so interesting that it is.

Final Thoughts on Ninjatrader 8

It is undoubtedly the best graphical analysis platform today, for those who do not want to spend a lot, our suggestion is to use Ninjatrader 8 for your analysis and use Metatrader 4 or 5 to trade.

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