Discord ShareService
for Ninjatrader 8

Discord ShareService for Ninjatrader 8

Why Discord ShareService is a must?


1. Receive beautifully formatted notifications of relevant graphical events on Discord servers;

Send messages

2. Send messages with customized Usernames, Screenshots, Embeds containing a title, custom color, and a description which can be stylized using Markdown;


5. 100% Compatible with Ninjatrader 8 Automated Strategies, you can send screenshots and messages to your Discord server as soon as your strategy enters the market;

Easy to Configure

3. Discord ShareService can be setup in 30 seconds, just create a Webhook for your Discord server, set it on your ShareServices window, and you're good to go;

Full support

4. Full support for Ninjatrader 8 native alerts and a 100% compatibility with our fully customized Talking Alert indicator for Ninjatrader 8;


6. Customizable ShareService icons, so you can easily distinguish each configured ShareService! E.g: Change the Discord icon to your server's icon;

Discord for Ninjatrader 8
"Discord ShareService for Ninjatrader 8 is an useful tool for traders who wants to be tuned about their trades wherever they are!"

All future updates to Discord ShareService for Ninjatrader 8 are FREE to download after the original purchase.


1 license

for only 1 computer
$ 49 one-time payment
  • 1 license for Discord ShareService for Ninjatrader 8

5 licenses

for up to 5 computers
$ 74 one-time payment
  • 5 licenses for Discord ShareService for Ninjatrader 8